Partner contribution

 ume TUBITAK will coordinate the project with the experience of their scientists gained from the joint studies on reference material production, certification and primary measurement techniques.
bam_logo_135 BAM is contributing with its facilities and great experience in the field of analytical reference procedures to the project.
GUM will take part in the work packages WP3 and WP4 related to characterisation and certification of reference material containing elements in water matrix.
IJS is contributing with its experience in environmental analytical chemistry with emphasise on trace and major elements and their species in environmental samples.
IMBiH participates with its chemistry department in this project.
MoE will improve its capabilities for the preparation and characterisation of CRMs using knowledge transfer from experienced partners through on-site active trainings.
SYKE will provide its facilities and expertise in chemical measurements of the water environment.
NTUA, through the Laboratory of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, School of Chemical Engineering, will contribute its facilities and experience in the field of characterisation measurements of inorganic analytes (WP3).
UW will bring the expertise of the Analytical Expertise Centre (AEC).